Do you know these benefits of eating banana?

31 July, 2015 (08:54) | diet tips, food, health | By: admin

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1.    Prevent gout
Consumption of potassium-rich bananas, can help to reduce the uric acid crystals precipitate in the joints, and help the body excrete uric acid.
2.    Relieve eye discomfort.
When the body intake too much salt, it will cause a lot of water remaining in the cell, cause eye irritation. The potassium in banana can help to flush these excess salt, so that balance potassium and sodium, and relieve the discomfort feelings of eyes. Banana contains a lot of carotene which can alleviate eye fatigue to some extent, and prevent eyes from premature aging.
3.    Anti-cancer
Japan Cancer Society reported that bananas can improve immunity and prevent cancer a few years ago. Eating two bananas a day, can effectively improve physical fitness, in addition to that, banana is cheap and easy to bring, which is a “magic fruit” to maintain health.
4.    Reduce urine
It can lower urine for diabetics to eat bananas, so it is great benefit to alleviate the condition for eating bananas.

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Top 5 healthy foods for office workers

23 July, 2015 (09:44) | diet tips, food, health | By: admin

1.    Persimmon
It’s beneficial for tired office workers to eat persimmon, because in most cases, fatigue is caused by ischemia, and persimmon is rich in iron, especially dark red and soft persimmon, which can stimulate the formation of hemoglobin, it can help to anti-fatigue.
2.    Oranges
Orange can help drivers who often inhale exhaust discharge the toxins in the body.
3.    Bananas
Banana can make the waiter has a better service attitude towards consumer, because banana can ease tension, improve work efficiency and reduce fatigue.
4.    Kiwi fruit
The elderly and children can eat some kiwi. Because the vitamin C content in kiwi is twice that of oranges, which can better improve immunity and prevent infection. In addition, grapes can expectorant, you can eat them when you get cold. But it is not suitable for patients with diabetes.
5.    Broccoli
Broccoli is rich in antioxidants vitamin C and carotene. Research shows that broccoli is the best anti-aging and anti-cancer food.

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Four kinds of food help you to improve immunity

21 July, 2015 (09:57) | diet tips, food, health | By: admin

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1.    Almonds
This popular nuts are a good source of vitamin E, which is an antioxidant against the disease. Eat almonds as an afternoon snack.
2.    Carrot
Yellow and orange vegetables such as carrots, are contain β- carotene. This chemical substance can be converted into vitamin A in the body, it can increase the number of cells and enhance immunity. Carrots are also a good side dish.
3.    Sweet potato
Like carrots, sweet potato is an orange foods, which also contain β- carotene, it can be converted into vitamin A in the body, can be effective against respiratory infections. You can use sweet potato make for soup, salads, and side dishes.
4.    Garlic
Garlic contains sulfides, which has disinfection effect, it can help you to prevent disease. It’s a good choice to add garlic into dish, although garlic contains potent compound, you can also supplements these substance through other foods.

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How to protect your heart?

15 July, 2015 (09:10) | health | By: admin

Research have already confirmed that the food contains three nutrients are beneficial for heart health.
The first is the relatively high content of unsaturated fatty foods, such as olive oil and other vegetable oils, almonds and other nuts and salmon and other deep-sea fish. Foreign scholars study found that saturated fatty acids contained in US almond is relatively less, but it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and no cholesterol. Moderate consumption can reduce blood total cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
The second is food which are rich in vitamin E, flavonols and other antioxidant. After the oxidation of the blood LDL, it will form oxidized low-density lipoprotein, which will be deposited in the vessel wall to promote plaque formation and eventually lead to blocked blood vessels, which is an important process of cardiovascular diseases. Antioxidants can effectively prevent the occurrence and development of this process. Vegetable oil and almonds and other nuts are rich in vitamin E.
The third is food which is rich in vitamin B. for example, intake of vitamin B3 can raise HDL cholesterol, and thereby has a protective effect on the cardiovascular. Soy products and corn are rich in vitamin B3.

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Protecting your stomach by eating less these foods

10 July, 2015 (08:07) | diet tips, fitness, food | By: admin

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1.    Beans
Beans contain oligosaccharides such as stachyose and raffinose, which is fermented by intestinal bacterial and break down and produce some of gas.
2.    Raw onion
Onions, garlic, chives filled with a variety of nutrients, they are beneficial for our health, such as protecting the heart, but they can also cause gastrointestinal discomfort, such as bloating, abdominal cramps.
3.    Creamy mashed potatoes
Potatoes are low in calories and high in protein, they contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements, which is known as an ideal diet food. It seemed like nothing is more welcoming by the people than a bowl of mashed potatoes. That’s why when it comes to “convenience food”, mashed potatoes always been listed as the top.
4.    Spicy food
Red pepper or jalapeno can stimulate the inner wall of the esophagus, it will produce headache after eating them, and increase the burden on the stomach. Even if you want to make it cool by adding some sour cream, you can still get the same stimulus. Moreover, it will suffer other side effects with things like sour cream.

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Diabetes can eat what kinds of fruits?

8 July, 2015 (08:50) | diet tips, food, fruits, health, healthy food | By: admin

1.    Watermelon
Watermelon contains a lot of moisture and low sugar, it also contains other nutrients like salts and acids. Watermelon can lower blood pressure, treat nephritis, diuretic and other effects. If diabetes can be well controlled blood sugar, it is appropriate to eat a proper watermelon.
2.    Grapefruit
Grapefruit s rich in vitamin C, insulin and other ingredients, which can lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, help to lose weight and other capacity. Always eating may has a certain effect on the diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and hardening of the arteries.
3.    Lemon
Lemon can prevent and reduce the complications of diabetes, which is mainly because it contains a special ingredient, the grass folic glycosides. Experiments show that it can significantly reduce the content levels of acidification of fat in diabetes liver, kidney or blood. Lemon can also prevent cardiovascular disease, people who suffering from hypertension or myocardial infarction can improve these symptoms by always drink lemon juice.

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Few diet tips to prevent insomnia

2 July, 2015 (09:05) | fitness, health | By: admin

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Insomnia is a symptom of poor health, long-term insomnia can not only have a certain harm on the human body, but also may cause mental problems. Then what should we do to deal with it? Diet conditioning has an important effect on human health.
1.     People who suffering from insomnia should always eat these food: lotus seeds, jujube, longan, milk, walnuts, millet, yams and other food. These foods help to improve sleep.
2.    People should always eat food that rich in vitamin B and tryptophan, which can prevent insomnia due to the emergence of routines disrupted. Whole grains are contain vitamin B, while these food are contain tryptophan: beef, lamb, pork and other food. The nuts contains both vitamin B and tryptophan.
3.    For neurasthenia people, they should always eat a single taste of food for dinner, and do not mixed food and eat them. They should also know that the diet should be uniformly hot and develop good eating habits, which help to sleep
4.    People who suffering from insomnia, should have dinner 4 hours before go to bed, and they should not eating too much for dinner. If people sleep right after have a meal, it may cause the retention of waste gas in the body and thereby affect sleep.

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The nutritional benefits of soy

25 June, 2015 (09:12) | health, health&beauty | By: admin

1.    enhance immunity
Soy contains vegetable protein, it has the reputation of the “vegetable meat”. If the body lacks protein, the immunity will be decreased, and easy to get fatigue. The protein that supplement from eating soy can avoid the cholesterol problems that eating meat bring to us.
2.    Clever mind
Soy is rich in soy lecithin, which is an important component of the brain. Always eating soy can help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, the sterol in soy lecithin can increase nerve function and vitality.
3.    Robust organ
Soy lecithin can promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, strong human tissues and organs. In addition, it can lower cholesterol and improve lipid metabolism, prevention and treatment of coronary artery disease.
4.    Improve energy
The protein in soy can increase the excitability and suppression of the cerebral, thus improve the efficiency of learning and working, it also help to relieve the feelings of depression.
5.    Skin care
Soy is rich in soy isoflavones, this plant estrogens can improve skin aging, but also relieve menopausal syndrome. In addition, Japanese researchers found that soy contains linoleic acid, which can effectively prevent the synthesis of melanin in skin cells.

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Do you know these fruits can dispel the effects of alcohol?

12 June, 2015 (09:34) | Uncategorized | By: admin

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1.    Grapefruit
If you want to eliminate the alcohol smell after drinking, you can cut grapefruit into pieces, and then stained with the right amount of sugar to eat, you can restore fresh breath.
2.    Banana
Some people will feel heartbeat faster and chest tightness after drinking, it’s appropriate to eat 1-3 bananas this time to alleviate drunk discomfort. Because bananas contain substances to enhance blood glucose level in blood, and thus making the alcohol content in blood be decreased, and achieve the goal of dispelling the effects of alcohol.
3.    Grapes
Grape is one of the ideal hangover fruits. Fresh grapes contain a lot of tartaric acid, which can react with ethanol in wine after get into human body and thus produce esters, which can reduce alcohol concentration in blood pressure, thus the human body is not easy drunk. In addition, the sour taste of grape can also ease the nausea and other stomach symptoms that caused by drunk.

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Eight benefits to eat chili

5 June, 2015 (08:23) | fitness, health, health&beauty, weight loss | By: admin

Chilies are rich in sorts of types and contents vitamin. A little chili may contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, carotene, folic acid and some other vitamins. Moreover, chilies contain minerals like calcium and iron, it also contain dietary fiber.
1.    Pepper can promote the secretion of digestive juice, stomachic.
2.    Promote blood circulation. Pepper has certain medicinal properties, it can promote blood circulation, improve cold, frostbite, vascular headache.
3.    Skin beauty. Pepper can promote hormone secretion in vivo, improved skin condition. Many people think spicy president pox, in fact, the problem is not chili.
4.    Lipid-lowering diet. Capsaicin can accelerate the decomposition of fat, what’s more, chilies are rich in dietary fiber which can also lower blood pressure.
5.    Fight cancer. Capsaicin can accelerate the death of cancer cells, without damaging healthy cells.
6.    Protect the heart. People who often eat hot peppers can effectively delay the development of atherosclerosis.
7.    Lower blood pressure. Latest British animal experiments found that capsaicin can play a role in lowering blood pressure, but the exact mechanism is not very clear.
8.    Beneficial for diabetes. For some of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes, chilies may play a role in mitigation of capsaicin.

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